Cigar Box Ukuleles

Quality Custom Built from Your Cigar Box

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Cigar Box Ukuleles

Playing music on the Front Porch, with handmade instruments made from discarded items, has a long history in the United States.  According to the authors of “Handmade Music Factory”, plantation slaves began singing on their front porches with instruments fashioned with cast off parts and many were variations of instruments from their African homelands.  One of those instruments was the one string fiddle – related to the diddlebow.

Our Cigar Box  Ukuleles are a one-of-a-kind instrument. Purchase one that we have already designed and built or bring us your favorite cigar box and we will design a ukulele just for you.

Custom Orders: Bring in or mail in your favorite tin or lunch box and we will custom make a ukulele just for you from those, too!

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Wholesale opportunities are available by calling the store.

Care of Your Cigar Box Ukulele Instrument

Like any other instrument, you will want to avoid exposing your Ukulele to extreme heat or cold and keep it dry.  Moisture and extreme temperatures can warp your fretboard.  Strings will sometimes break but can be easily replaced with similar gauge guitar or dulcimer string.  New strings stretch so it will need re-tuned more until you break it in.

We tune the ukulele to a D but you can tune it to any note, if you are playing with someone in a different key.  Use a guitar tuner, tuner app on your smartphone or on-line tuner.

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