Kids Club

Welcome to Porch Music Store’s Canjo Kids Club! We hope you’re having fun with your canjos, and want to stay connected to us and with other kids that enjoy playing music. This is a free club for kids 8 and up who’ve attended our workshops.  Club benefits include:

  • Welcome Email
  • Canjo Kids Club Sticker
  • Free Canjo Kids Coloring Pages
  • Free Canjo Songs  – Add them to the songs you already play
  • Discount on T-Shirts and Books
  • Photo Gallery – Send us a photo with you and your canjo, and we’ll post them on our website and social media sites
  • Contests (including coloring contests) two times per year

Sign up now! Have your parents send us your email address so we can send you a welcome email. We’re looking forward to having even more fun with music and canjos and seeing your photos on our website and social media websites!

Canjo Kid's Club

Canjo Kid’s Club Sticker